Weekly Latin Jazz Video Fix: Celebrating Women In Latin Jazz

by chip on March 8, 2011

Each year on March 8th, the world gathers together to celebrate International Women’s Day, a valuable reminder of the power of women in our world. 2011 marks the centennial anniversary of International Women’s Day, signaling 100 years of recognizing the powerful place of women in our lives. It’s a day to remember our mothers, wives, sisters, and friends, not only for the personal relationships that they’ve contributed to our lives, but for the way that they’ve shaped the world. Women are doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, business leaders, and yes, musicians. The music world has become a beautiful place due to the distinctly female character placed within numerous performances. The impact of women reaches into every aspect of our lives, a fact that is nice to celebrate on March 8th, but should be cherished 365 days a year.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re exploding our Weekly Latin Jazz Video Fix into a large scale celebration of women creating Latin Jazz. In the following post, you’ll find videos featuring 20 women working hard to keep Latin Jazz alive and well. There’s so much musicality here, with women singing, playing the saxophone, playing the piano, and more. There’s heavy doses of tradition, innovation, skill, creativity in these performances, all demonstrated from a distinctly feminine perspective. Take a minute to check out these videos and reflect upon the important contributions that women have made to Latin Jazz in the past and continue to make into the future – enjoy!

Annette Aguilar & Stringbeans At Lehman Center

Chiemi Nakai & Mari Koga In The Recording Studio For Their Album Afronaughtica

Flautist Andrea Brachfeld Performing “Q”

Kat Parra & The Sephardic Music Project Performing “Dos Amantes”

Vocalist Cecilia Alessandra Performing “Obsesion”

Pianist Rebeca Mauleón Performing “Serenata Rítmica”

Vocalist Sofia Rei Koutsovits Performing “Ojalá”

Vocalist Sofia Tosello Performing “La Clarosa Cruz”

Saxophonist Laurandrea Leguia Performing With Rufino Ortiz & Freddie Lobaton

Saxophonist & Flautist Jane Bunnett & Her Group Spirits Of Havana

Saxophonist Layla Angulo Performing “Conga Nightmare”

Vocalist Lucia Puldio with Bassist Stomu Takeishi & Guitarist Sebastian Cruz

Vocalist Susan Pereira Performing With Vanderlei Pereira & Blindfold Test

Vocalist Alexa Weber Morales Performing Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Dindi”

Percussionist Janine Santana Performing “Luz Amor Y Vida”

Vocalist Corina Bartra Performing At The Flushing Library

Vocalist Venissa Santi Interviewed With A Performance Clip

Pianist Rebecca Cline Performing With Enclave At The Heineken Jazz Festival

Vocalist Sandy Cressman Performing With Her Group Homenagem Brasileira

Want more from these women? Check out these recordings below!

Annette Aguilar & Stringbeans: No Cheap Dates

Chiemi Nakai & Emmanuel Bizeau: Bridges

Andrea Brachfeld: Into the World-a Musical Offering

Kat Parra: Dos Amantes

Rebeca Mauleón: Descarga En California

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis: Sube Azul

Sofia Tosello: Alma Y Luna

Jane Bunnett: Embracing Voices

Layla Angulo: Mientras . . .

Lucia Pulido: Waning Moon

Susan Pereira & Sabor Brasil: Tudo Azul

Alexa Weber Morales: Vagabundeo/Wanderings

Janine Santana: Soft As Granite

Corina Bartra: Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration

Venissa Santí: Bienvenida

Rebecca Cline & Hilary Noble: Enclave

Sandy Cressman: Homenagem Brasileira

Do you have a video to contribute to satisfy our weekly Latin Jazz video fix? If so, send it in – it’s time to feed our addiction. I’m looking for live performances, from any context. I’ll most likely be posting one video per week, but if you’ve got another idea, let’s talk. So come on Latin Jazz videographers, musicians, and fans – let’s share some of our memorable videos! Get my contact info HERE.

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