Trio Da Paz Performing “Baden”

by chip on April 29, 2013

There’s lots of reasons that audience members admire performers, but the magic that inspires listeners can’t solely be placed upon virtuosity or individual ability.  In most cases, a technical command over an instrument is not enough to insure great music, individuals must also be able to find a common artistic ground.  A musician may have an innate understanding of a style or un awe inspiring collection of chops, but if they also need to work well with others.  In reality, the magic doesn’t happen around an individual, it emerges from the interaction between different musicians.  Being able to communicate on stage, react to any spontaneous actions, provide support, and inject improvisational energy into a performance is the job of every musician.  These are really the qualities that create sparks on stage; when a group of like minded musicians are on the same page, anything can happen.

On rare occasions, there are groups of musicians that capture this symbiotic support on stage, but also integrate stunning command over their instruments and an in-depth knowledge of style; Trio Da Paz is one of these groups.  The group consists of three of the finest musicians on the Brazilian Jazz scene, guitarist Romero Lubambo, bassist Nilson Matta, and drummer Duduka Da Fonseca. This collection of musicians brings a wealth of experience on the stage that combines their upbringing in Brazil with their time playing on the frenetic New York jazz scene.  They also carry years of shared experiences onto the stage, a respect for each other’s musicianship, and a trusting support in every instance.  These are the things that inject a magical quality into the lively Brazilian Jazz within a Trio Da Paz performance.

You’ll see that magic come alive in this video, capturing a performance of the Matta composition “Baden,” in dedication to the legendary Brazilian guitarist and composer Baden Powell.  At some points, its the subtle rhythmic pushes that move between the three musicians, while at other times, there’s a forceful interaction that drives the song forward.  Regardless, there’s definitely a good share of magic that makes this music come alive.

Check out the Trio Da Paz Website
Check out some recordings from Trio Da Paz:

Live At JazzBaltica


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