Journey To Rio From Pianist Roger Davidson Available Now

June 18, 2013

Soundbrush Records is proud to release pianist Roger Davidson’s new album, Journey to Rio. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, the project features a wide range of top-flight Brazilian musicians and was produced by Pablo Aslan, the gifted Argentine bassist. For Roger Davidson, music is a world without boundaries. Both as a composer and pianist, he […]

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Jazz Con Sabor In The States: Ed Fast and Conga-Bop

June 18, 2013

For many years, we thought of New York as the centerpiece of the Latin Jazz world in the United States. While that’s certainly still a hotbed of activity for the music, there’s no doubt that this has become a truly national experience with high quality Latin Jazz being found across the country. Movement of mentor […]

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Tango Conexion With Pablo Ziegler At Birdland July 30 – August 3

June 17, 2013

Pablo Ziegler, the Argentinian, Latin Grammy Award winning Tango/Jazz legend returns to Birdland with an exciting ensemble, July 30 – August 3. His Quartet will consist of Walter Castro on Bandoneon, direct from Buenos Aires, Claudio Ragazzi on Guitar, and Pedro Giraudo on Bass. Add to this Classical Cellist Jisoo Ok and Special Guest Jazz […]

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Spotlight: This Is The Life, Grupo Cha Cha

June 7, 2013

The Spotlight Series highlights upcoming Latin Jazz musicians that have yet to reach national recognition. Many of these musicians thrive in local scenes and some tour in support of releases. All these musicians contribute greatly to the overall Latin Jazz scene, and they deserve our “spotlighted” attention. This Is the Life Grupo Cha Cha As […]

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Arturo Sandoval Performing At The Newport Jazz Festival

June 5, 2013

It’s often said that music is a language, and it requires a vast set of technical skills and life experience to speak multiple tongues.  That’s not completely true – it’s pretty easy to tackle different musical styles on a surface level.  A shallow walk through many stylistic roads only demands some brief listening and a […]

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Album Of The Week: Oye!!! (Live In Puerto Rico), Miguel Zenón & The Rhythm Collective

June 3, 2013

Oye!!! (Live in Puerto Rico) Miguel Zenón & The Rhythm Collective Miel Music We often spend a good deal of time considering a musician’s background, training, and influences, but there’s an important and more immediate element that can have a huge impact upon the way that a musician performs – context.  This can take many […]

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Armando Peraza Joining Tata Guines & Cubanisimo

May 28, 2013

We’re social beings, so being apart from our friends can be painful; on the flip side of things, it makes reunions a powerfully joyful occasion that can inspire magic on so many different levels. For many musicians, separations are natural, due to a number of factors, both economic and artistic. This makes reunions all the […]

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Album Of The Week: Finas Misturas, Antonio Adolfo

May 24, 2013

Finas Misturas Antonio Adolfo AAM Music In a lot of ways, a jazz musicians’s performance is all about their perspective upon the way that jazz reflects their lives. The simple choice of dedicating your artistic identity towards jazz reveals a value statement about the importance of history and the genre’s bold tradition – jazz musicians […]

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The Stanford Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble With Ray Vega: An Interview With Murray Low

May 22, 2013

Music education is a multi-layered process that demands both a student and teacher to always look to the next level, finding ways to keep musical enrichment growing. From a student perspective, the need for constant practice and individual study must be balanced with group rehearsal and self-refelction. This time with their mentors is invaluable, and […]

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Michel Camilo Trio: On Fire

May 21, 2013

Not all musicians reach an advanced level of virtuosity on their instrument; it’s a hard earned responsibility that demands certain qualities from a musician.  On a surface level, instrumental virtuosity requires a musician to put in a constant stream of hard work to maintain technical abilities and keep their perspective from growing stale.  From there, […]

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